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About EnergyAxa

Brief intro of company

EnergyAxa is a management and trading company that handles logistics, marketing, sales, exit‐buyer procurement, key business operations and sourcing of material and resources required for projects with the aim of reducing project cost and facilitating competitive international bidding. Further, the company is actively engaged in project development and management in collaboration with multinationals and Fortune 500 companies, focused on emerging markets.

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EnergyAxa’s in collaboration with its partner companies aim is to provide fully integrated services in International Trade. The company covers a wide spectrum of services offered to International Trading Firms.

  • Project Development and Management (EPC-BOT-BOOT)
  • Market Positioning and Market Entry
  • Turn-Key Trade Solutions
  • Business Intelligence for Traders and Firms
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Structuring Sales and Purchase Transactions


EnergyAxa’s project management team has been active in a wide range of projects in the field of energy and infrastructure development, specializing in planning, procurement and overall project management as a service offered to Multi-Nationals and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
Moreover, the team specializes in designing operation and maintenance strategies, aiding businesses in achieving optimal output and efficiency.



EnergyAxa is fully committed to sustainable development, and to this end will evaluate the needs of a particular project, the context it sits within, and then endeavor to procure a sustainable solution. Our ‘green’ policy is based firmly on the grounds of delivering our services in the most efficient manner possible and aim to ensure that we make sustainable choices. The reduction of energy demands and the preservation of materials are important, even if they are obtained from ‘renewable’ sources.

The company adheres to the following sustainable ideals:

Sustainable Construction
The creation of a healthy landscaped environment based upon sound ecological principles and efficient use of resources.

Sustainable Operation
The responsible management of the landscaped environment utilizing the design as intended and without compromising the sustainability targets.

The principal of sustainable development is inherent to the company ethos at EnergyAxa.

You may contact us at:

T. +852.5808.4777
F. +852.3007.1356
T. +94.11.743.0258
F. +94.11.744.4556

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