The company focuses on Consortium formation and Management of a wide range of Energy and Infrastructure projects including; EPC+F, PPP, BOT, BOOT with a focus on renewable energy projects including Hydro, Wind, Solar and Biomass. For Independent Power Producers EnergyAxa can both bring forth duding as well as finance procurement against bankable Power Purchase Agreements.

EnergyAxa’s project management team has been active in a wide range of projects in the field of energy and infrastructure development, specializing in planning, procurement and overall project management as a service offered to Multi-Nationals and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, specializing in planning, procurement and overall project management.

Moreover, the project team is highly experienced in designing operation and maintenance strategies, aiding businesses in achieving optimal output and efficiency. EnergyAxa’s strategic partners share the same values and commitment to excellence and delivering results in terms of timely execution and the of quality output.

The company takes pride in working with our associates and partner companies to manage complex projects to deliver effective solutions in a timely manner.


Moragolla Hydropower Project

In collaboration with CPECC tendering for the project, facilitating market entry for the company into Sri Lankan energy market, while advising on EPC and regulatory


Biomass Project at Buttala (10 MW)

Feasibility Study 10 MW Biomass Project Sri Lanka, collaboration with Atkins Acuity. The project was initiated following the pre-feasibility study conducted by EnergyAxa. During the planning phase the project management plan was prepared by EnergyAxa. Further, services were provided in acquiring resources for the project.


Diyabeduma Hydro Project

The Scheme consists of a mini hydro plant using the head available at existing bifurcation structure in Elahara Minneriya Yoda Ela at Diyabeduma. The Scheme will generate revenue by selling green hydro-electricity to the national grid.


Hydro Power Projects in Tea Estates

Feasibility Study and execution of a portfolio of mini hydropower projects in collaboration with Asian Development Bank and S.E.A. SL


Affordable Housing Project

Fundraising for Affordable Housing Project, Colombo North in collaboration with Yunnan Construction Engineering Group, Co. Ltd. and CDSI US.


Transmission Lines - Afghanistan

Pre-Development and Awarding of ADB funded Transmission Lines project to BYUKSAN Korea


Central Railway Project

Pre-Development and awarding of Central Railway project to “Harcan - China Nuclear” MENA


Northern Highway Project

Pre-Development and awarding of Northern Highway to “Harcan - China Nuclear” MENA


Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant Project

Pre-Development and awarding of Combined Cycle, 200 MW Gas Powerplant, MANA to “AVIC International”


Rooftop Solar Project

Funding and EPC for 200 MW Rooftop Solar PV Project in North Western Province, SL


Promotion and Marketing of ACO Products for:

  • Water Front Project by Hyundai
  • HILTON – Renovation


Pre-Fab Housing Project

Feasibility Study in collaboration with CDSI US for Prefab Housing Project, RWANA